How Audio-Visual Technologies are Revolutionizing Healthcare

Posted by Doing Better Business on Nov 1, 2022 8:00:00 AM

When it comes to healthcare technology, most people think of tools in the operating room – but audio-visual technologies are just as important.

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Topics: digital marketing, interactive flat panel display, healthcare

Leveraging Interactive Whiteboards for Professional Services

Posted by Doing Better Business on Sep 19, 2022 8:00:00 AM

They say the best tools never go out of style, they just get upgraded.

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Topics: Business Technology, whiteboard, interactive flat panel display

How Interactive Display Boards Revolutionize Communications for Better Business Outcomes

Posted by Doing Better Business on Apr 19, 2021 7:30:00 AM

Despite the recent downtick in COVID-19 cases, companies and organizations in the United States are still looking to remote work and learning opportunities to keep business humming as usual. In fact, a recent survey by Upwork shows that one in every 4 Americans will be working from a remote location in 2021.

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Topics: Ricoh, interactive flat panel display

Collaborating Safely Between Multiple Locations

Posted by Brandi Noye on Mar 24, 2021 7:00:00 PM

Even before COVID-19, many organizations had the need to communicate and collaborate effectively between multiple locations.  Now with employees working more from home, the need is ever greater.  

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Topics: smartboard, whiteboard, interactive flat panel display, IFPD

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