Leveraging Interactive Whiteboards for Professional Services

Posted by Doing Better Business on Sep 19, 2022 8:00:00 AM

They say the best tools never go out of style, they just get upgraded.

From the time we first learn the alphabet to the days when we’re earning our college degree, the process of learning is entwined with an image of someone writing on a board.

First it was chalk, then dry erase – and now in the age of digital transformation, the interactive whiteboard is the next evolution of this classic educational tool.

But it’s not just for the classroom. The whiteboard, in its current form, is a versatile piece of business technology that can be useful in various settings and can drive value for companies of all sizes.

The Best Technology Enhances Business Communication

Communication is crucial in every workplace, but some fields rely on interpersonal connections more than others. Think of the legal industry, or professional service providers like consultants – these professionals often have a lot of knowledge to share and must do so in a contained time limit.

This challenge can also be enhanced by many factors, such as distance work or having to give a presentation solo. The interactive whiteboard allows one person to host an engaging session that gets a point across clearly and efficiently.

The Importance of Interactive, Multidimensional Tools

Just like scientific calculators outperformed their accounting-based predecessors, or VoIP phones outpaced their rotary precursors, the interactive whiteboard offers many advancements over its previous iterations.

Writing on a board can be helpful for giving presentations, but it has its limits. The ability to scroll between information, move items around, and complete certain points can really bring a presentation to life. It helps the information flow more smoothly, shows how concepts connect to one another, and allows you to combine text with visuals and other media.

The More Technical Your Field, the More Crucial Communication Is

In the legal industry or any type of professional service field, people often seek information first and foremost. They want to know about the implications of a potential legal case, or perhaps ideas for a specific type of business strategy they’re considering.

It’s a situation where high levels of complexity must be communicated efficiently. How can you do this for someone who may not have near the level of knowledge you do on a specific subject? The answer is by choosing tools that help you explain a lot with less work.

Interactive whiteboards can even be optimized to get a two-way conversation going, allowing people to collab and share ideas so that their collective vision is represented clearly for both to see.

What Functions Can a Whiteboard Help With?

As we accelerate faster into the age of digital transformation, every type of business technology is seeing more applications. The interactive whiteboard is no different, and there are now more functions than ever where these devices can prove valuable.

Training Presentations

Training is arguably the most important function that determines how an employee will perform. When employees read through a manual, it’s tough to retain information. The same is true just by hearing someone read policies, or even watching them write them out.

But an interactive tool makes a presentation come to life. The workplace’s policies become moving parts in a seamless machine and make more sense as a result – this enhances the training process and helps employees gain more value from the material.

Client Meetings

Client meetings can be viewed as more chore than opportunity if they aren’t managed properly. The last thing you want is a potential partner or interested lead to nod off, daydream, or check the time during your big presentation.

By using an interactive whiteboard, you can create a presentation that’s engaging for all parties, keeps them interested, and tells a story that pays off. This shows your company is one that delivers results rather than just going through the motions.

Sales Sessions

If there’s another situation where engaging the audience is important, it’s the sales process. No matter how great your service offering is, your prospect may get a little bored by just reading through a list of product features or benefits.

An interactive whiteboard can help them see the product in motion, visualize its benefits, and really understand how making a purchase would improve their life. It’s a great way to give an interested lead a glimpse into the future they could have if they commit to a purchase.

Get Your Interactive Whiteboard Today

The right business technology can change your company and the experience you offer to your clients. Whether you’re a lawyer, consultant, or other type of professional who needs to make impactful and engaging presentations, we’ve got the tool for you.

Reach out to Doing Better Business to ask about an interactive whiteboard today. We’re confident we have the technology that can drive real returns for your business!

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