Working in the Cloud from Home

Posted by Dan Grove on May 20, 2020 8:46:21 AM


Two of the many challenges when working at home are keeping organized and collaborating with others in and outside of your organization. The cloud offers many opportunities to solve these challenges allowing you to become more secure and efficient in your business processes.

Cloud services increase the agility of a workforce and the operations of your business.

With greater access to documents, databases, images, applications, and other resources, work can be accomplished from anywhere internet service is available. A centralized document control system provides structured versioning, formatting, and file naming to keep everyone organized and collaborating efficiently. For business operations, cloud services naturally offer a scalable solution that can be adjusted as business grows and changes. Eliminating capital expenditures for hardware and software, cloud services, could be the ideal way to increase efficiencies in your business.

As remote and mobile work is becoming more necessary, security and disaster recovery can become an issue if not properly controlled. 

Maintaining the resources and expertise needed to address the latest security threats can become difficult when hosting your own IT services.

Cloud services remove this burden and also provide a logical disaster recovery solution.

To remain competitive, business leaders need to adapt to change and utilize every potential resource available. Cloud services may very well be a solution for work from home and physically decentralized work groups. As an added benefit the economy of scale inherent to the cloud also decreases environmental impact in your facilities and globally.

To learn how we can help you connect to the cloud and do better business, Doing Better Business has a team of dedicated technology professionals that can help get your remote workers up and running quickly in the cloud. Doing Better Business can recommend the necessary remote working productivity tools you’ll need and ensure you have adequate cybersecurity systems in place.

To discuss cloud services available that help you work remotely, contact one of Doing Better Business consultants today.

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