5 Features of a Robust Print Management Program

Posted by Doing Better Business on Apr 25, 2022 8:00:00 AM

Managed Print Services (MPS) are a great way to bring robust print management systems to business that don’t have the inhouse IT staff to handle it. Through MPS solutions, your business can benefit from the expertise of an experienced third-party team that can streamline and improve the functionality of your entire printer fleet.

5 Top Benefits of Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services can transform a business by streamlining and modernizing the printer fleet. A comprehensive MPS solution can be a huge boon to your business. It can lower costs – which, BTW, also about reducing waste. MPS can also lessen the burden on inhouse IT as well lowered employee frustration. Here are five features of a strong MPS print management solution:

1. MPS Can Lower Business Costs

Managed Print Services help reduce the cost of doing business, because printing can actually cost a lot more than you might realize initially. First, consider the cost of the supplies, which includes ink cartridges, toner, and paper. Then calculate the cost of the actual print equipment such as inkjets, laser printers, and multi-function printers. And don’t forget the cost of maintaining that equipment, including repairing the printers and managing the network, as well as the security.

As part of your MPS solution, you might be able to lease your printers, so you won’t have to worry about buying brand new expensive printers or maintaining them. The MPS solution provider will setup and install recent printer models that they will manage and maintain for your company.

Additionally, ink cartridges and toner can be automatically reordered as they get low via MPS. This is done through special print monitoring software that keeps tabs on the current status of each machine.

2. MPS Reduces the Burden on Inhouse IT

Managed Print Services can help your in-house IT team by freeing them up to focus on more important things. Printers need to be monitored to make sure that they are secure from potential cyberattacks. An MPS solutions provider will have the expertise to properly secure your printer fleet with 24/7 remote monitoring. Any intrusions can be stopped before they happen through proper print management.

3. MPS Enhances Document Security

Managed Print Services can help improve document security by instituting user roles and access so that when a sensitive document is sent to the printer, it is secure. With access control, only the person who is printing that document will be able to retrieve the document. Additionally, as documents are sent to the printer and cached in the printer itself, there is a potential for a hacker to get in and steal that document data. MPS solutions will provide the cybersecurity to ensure that that data remains safe and private.

4. MPS Alleviates Employee Frustration

There’s perhaps nothing more frustrating at work than trying to print out an important report on a deadline and having the printer equipment die on you. Employees can waste a lot of time trying to fix broken printers and copiers when they should be focusing on their own tasks. A Print Management Services provider will take care of that for you, so that your employees can focus on what you hired them to do, instead of being part-time printer maintenance technicians.

5. MPS Improves Business Workflows

One of the things about MPS (that can reduce your employee frustration) is that it can improve your business workflows. When your team is trying to print documents, they need to be able to easily access the printer that they are closest to and easily produce the documents without much effort.

Additionally, sometimes members of your team might be offsite but want to print something remotely. MPS solutions can handle all of this and make it much more seamless for your staff to manage and print documents.

Transform Your Business With Managed Print Services

As you can see, Managed Print Services can provide many benefits to your business. The great part about it is that it’s easy to implement because you don’t need to worry about setting it up. That’s the job of your MPS provider. Doing Better Business is an experienced MPS solutions provider, and we excel at crafting customized managed print services solutions for our many business clients.

Are you interested in benefitting from Managed Print Services? Then contact Doing Better Business to schedule your consultation today.

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