What Multifunction Printers Perform Best in Law Firms?

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Multifunction printers are the workhorse of the modern organization – and for very good reason. These devices bundle multiple document functions into one handy machine, empowering employees to print, scan, photocopy, fax (and sometimes more) from one convenient location.

The benefits of multifunction printers are well-known. They save space, are easy to maintain, have a low learning curve, and use standardized supplies that cost less over the lifetime of a printer. However, not all of them are created equal. As printing technology has advanced, many manufacturers have created multifunction printers designed for the specific needs of industries.

Law firms and legal professionals need a reliable printer. Choosing the right one means unlocking new levels of productivity and efficiency within an office. Read on to learn about the printing needs of law firms and discover the best models for doing better business.

What Does a Law Firm Need in a Printer?

Law firms and offices in the legal industry have special needs when it comes to their documents. Whereas many industries have moved towards digital documents, federal regulations require the legal industry to continue working with paper copies in some instances. Therefore, these professionals need printers – but not just any printer will do. Among the chief needs of a law firm include:


When printing out cases, reports, or other important information, efficiency ranks among the top priorities. Law firms are frequently fast-paced environments that don’t have time for a printer that takes a whole minute per page. They need agile, speedy devices to keep up with the rest of the business.

Low Cost of Printing

Many multifunction printers harness laser printing technology, which makes printing efficient and affordable. A lower cost of printing enables offices to print everything they need without constantly breaking the bank. Standardized computer paper and bulk cartridge purchasing options further reduce the overall operating expenses of a printer.

High Capacity

Unlike other industries with demanding print environments, a legal firm can bet that their monthly printing volume won’t fluctuate heavily. Although many multifunction printers are designed for demanding printing needs, these fluctuations are assumed. In contrast, lawyers need a device that can effortlessly print large numbers of documents that may exceed what other industries expect.   

Finishing Features

Making an ultra-professional presentation is just as crucial to a legal professional as it is to other industries. The most appropriate multifunction printers for a legal professional handle large documents (and large quantities) easily but provides additional finishing options for those unique instances where it matters.


Law offices frequently handle sensitive and regulated information. This might include healthcare records, financial information, or other personal information where it could prove damaging if it leaked. As a result, law firms need a printer that not only emphasizes security but satisfies data compliance regulations.

The Best Multifunction Printers for Legal Professionals

When it comes to law offices, only the fastest and most professional multifunction printers will do. Here are three devices that deliver exceptional quality print jobs, no matter how many pages are needed.

IM C4500 by Ricoh

Ricoh’s multifunction printers combine the most useful functions and features in a single device. With the IM C4500, enjoy color and monochrome laser printing at up to 45 pages per minute. An ultra-high print resolution ensures that images are rendered flawlessly while a sophisticated interface gives users control over capabilities and finishes.

Lawyers may find Ricoh’s offerings particularly attractive due to the expansive gallery of apps provided. These multifunction printers can integrate with many common law firm software platforms, such as Zola Suite. With a Ricoh MFP, an office can truly transform into a hub of productivity.

HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdw

One of the oldest office technology providers on the market, HP makes outfitting any office a breeze with the breadth of its offerings. However, the HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M479fdw stands out as a cost-effective printing solution for law firms. In addition to fast output, automatic duplex printing, and enhanced network connectivity, law firms can take advantage of HP’s best-in-class security features to keep their documents safe.

MX-5050V by Sharp

Larger firms and practices may appreciate the power of the MX-5050V by Sharp. This machine approaches production level print capabilities, able to print, scan, or copy up to 50 pages per minute. A 250GB hard disk drive and dual-core multitasking controller give users complete control over each print job, while wireless connectivity and apps support office integration.

The MX-5050V also comes with enhanced security measures, including those specifically designed to meet compliance requirements. With this machine in the office, users will have unbridled printing power at their fingertips.

Doing Better Business Helps Law Firms Excel

Lawyers strive to give the best legal advice – their printers help them deliver superior documents. With a reliable multifunction printer in the office, a law firm has a critical tool for presenting flawless, professional documents that make their practice thrive.

Doing Better Business is thrilled to help law firms access the right tools for the job. Start a conversation now.

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