Six Reasons Why Your Organization Needs a Wide Format Printer

Posted by Doing Better Business on Dec 16, 2019 8:00:00 AM


Businesses rely on printers and copiers to keep their office productive. While standard sized Multifunction Devices (MFDs) are great for regular office printing, whenever the company requires a print larger than the standard A4 or A3 sizes, it’s common to outsource the job to a commercial printer. While this made sense in the past, it’s no longer necessary for organizations to outsource wide format prints as they can keep all printing jobs in-house with the right device.

Historically, wide format printers were complex to operate and required specialized training to maintain. Today’s devices are easy to use, and manufacturers have automated many of the maintenance operations, enabling devices to perform the tasks on demand. Companies can now leverage this technology for their own benefit and achieve cost savings and improved productivity in their office.

Six Benefits of Keeping Wide Format Printing In-House

Wide-format printers have come a long way since the mechanical presses of the past. Today’s devices provide a robust platform for generating rich graphics consistently without taking up ample physical space. Using inkjet or toner cartridges, the devices have advanced droplet technology that keeps images crisp and clear, no matter the volume the company prints.

1. Lower Operating Costs

Technological improvements have allowed manufacturers to reduce the total cost of owning and operating wide format printers. The devices use less ink to produce sharper graphics and come with additional energy-efficient capabilities included. Running a wide format printer in the company no longer increases the overheads to where having an in-house platform became prohibitive in the past.

2. Increased Speed of Production

While the timelines are beyond the company’s control when they opt to outsource wide format print jobs, the latest devices can produce vivid images at higher speeds than organizations might expect. The best wide format printers available today helps companies create a variety of materials without compromising on any of the quality. Models like the HP DesignJet Z6610 supports speeds of up to 212 square feet per hour, making it an efficient solution no matter the size of the job.

3. High-Quality Printing

Droplet technology provides a microscopic level of precision printing from today’s wide-format printers. The devices also come with proprietary imaging engines that control every aspect of the printing process. With enhanced precision and image correction features, companies can rest assured that their material will achieve the desired reaction every time.

4. Improved Productivity

Having the option to produce wide format materials in-house will enhance the office’s productivity. Instead of collaborating with a commercial printer and iterating back and forth between the two organizations, the company can design, proof, and produce their own materials when required. If they need to create banners or posters for an event on short notice, it won’t lead to them incurring premium costs for a job that requires a quick turnaround time.

5. Print via the Cloud

Wide-format devices come with networking capabilities that allow employees to print directly from network folders or cloud storage locations. A wide-format printer usually comes with a large screen touch interface, allowing operators to navigate through files directly from the device and select the one they want to print. Additionally, modern platforms enable users to print from mobile and handheld devices, further helping employees remain productive even when they aren’t at their workstations.

6. Print on Anything

Companies can take their branding and promotional efforts to the next level with a wide format printer. With support for a range of different media types, the company can produce vehicle stickers, canvas marketing posters, or cardboard cutouts to promote the business and advertise their services. The best wide-format printers also support rigid material such as wood or ceramics, enabling the company to produce any promotional content they can imagine.

Leveraging Wide Format Printers for Organizational Efficiencies with Doing Better Business

With all the benefits companies gain from having a wide format printer available, choosing to keep these kinds of print jobs in-house makes business sense. Companies can also opt for a Managed Print Services (MPS) model, ensuring they get all the benefits at a single monthly cost. This can include the hardware and printing supplies, while the MPS provider will monitor and maintain the device for the company. MPS providers like Doing Better Business (DBB) will work with the company to find the best platform according to their specific needs.

DBB has worked with organizations to streamline company processes and increase efficiencies for more than four decades. With a dedicated team of technology experts that help organizations achieve cost savings and improved productivity, DBB can help any organization looking to have access to their own wide format printer for all their specialty imaging needs.

To leverage the latest technologies for your company’s wide format printing requirements while also achieving cost savings and improved productivity, get in touch with one of Doing Better Business’s consultants today.

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