Remote Solutions: A New Reality

Posted by Doing Better Business on Mar 16, 2020 6:17:30 AM


COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is changing all aspects of our lives.  With a national emergency and state emergencies declared, schools are closed, nursing homes are not allowing visitors, and workers are needing to work from home;  we have the technology which could help us all stay connected.

Interactive Flat Panel Displays coupled with Ricoh UCS Advanced (VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS) make a complete remote collaboration experience. Here are some simple uses and benefits that will make you wish you had this today.  


Participants pay closer attention in face-to-face discussions. People are more engaged in discussions when seeing others’ expressions.

Doctors can see and talk to patients in other hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and even at home.  Family members can even join the video from mobile phones.  

Students can still learn at home by accessing a remote classroom, pre-recorded classes and even guest speakers/lectures.


Sales Managers can meet with field representatives by video for account updates.

Attorneys can meet with clients by video for case updates an even record depositions.


Communications are better understood by conveying accurate and detailed information in real-time using visual & audio technologies and data sharing with mark-ups.

Assembly Plants: When there are quality issues, assembly workers can join a video call with Engineering Dept. using a tablet to show defective parts.

Marketing Departments:  To create a product brochure, Marketing discusses overall concept, layout, and graphics with the vendor.  Marketing reviews the draft on an IFPD and marks up the changes.  The visual helps the vendor to understand the changes, which saves time by eliminating back and forth communication.

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Physicians,  remote workers, teachers, are able to make decisions extremely fast by having a visual connection and not having to wait until they are in the hospital,  office or classroom.

reduce travel expenses

This is an obvious benefit of remote communications, especially for organizations that hold regular meetings or trainings where people have to travel, stay in hotels and incur meal expenses.

Screen Shot 2020-03-15 at 9.00.47 AM

Another example that reduces travel and speeds up decision-making in Construction-Whenever a contractor has questions to a designer during the construction, they video-call the designer right from a mobile phone, showing the images related to the question.

REMOTE SOLUTIONS by Doing Better Business

Our software portfolio includes a customizable one-touch launcher, video conference solution, presentation software, K-12 education software, and our own whiteboarding/brainstorming tool to enhance the collaboration experience.

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Doing Better Business can help you stay safe and productive. Contact us now to get started.

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