Cost, Space, and Time: Three Reasons You Need an MFP for Your Home Office

Posted by Doing Better Business on Oct 25, 2021 8:00:00 AM

Disruption was the word of the year in 2020 as the coronavirus pandemic brought wide-ranging issues home to workplaces across the nation. From supply chain disruptions to constantly changing health and safety guidelines, many businesses worked hard to maintain status quo as the landscape quickly changes around them.

One of the ways these businesses survived — and even thrived — was through the reconfiguration of the modern workplace. Instead of hives of cubicles in a single office building, businesses turned to a remote work environment or at the very least, a hybrid one, that helped keep productivity high and work environments safer. The result? More than 70% of workers want to continue their flexible work options, but 42% of them say they are missing the essential tools to do their jobs from home. In a recent blog post, tech giant Microsoft found a simple solution: “Invest in space and technology to bridge the physical and digital worlds.”

We have found the perfect, cost-effective tool for that job — the multifunction printer (MFP).

The MFP for the Home Office — Your Tool for Success

Providing an MFP for the home offices of your remote work teams is not only a smart business strategy from the standpoint of productivity — it also makes good fiscal sense as well.

A multifunction printer is the quintessential small-space office dynamo that combines a leading-edge printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine into one space-saving device. It manages all these tasks by using a series of cartridges — one for each function it performs. Today’s MFPs have gone far beyond their original job description to provide a host of value-added benefits. Many new models boast advanced security features such as permissions, data encryption, and online safety features.

Additional features can include automatic document feeding for those remote employees who have high-volume document scanning needs. Advanced scanning options allow employees to send scans directly to a desktop, an email, or more to shorten the workflow process and keep information moving faster. Which brings us to our first major point:

MFPs Save Time

Not only can your remote employees have access to all the typical office technology tools in their home office, but today’s MFPs are equipped with features that speed up workflows. MFPs are often faster than many other printers and they can often perform several tasks like printing and faxing — at the same time.

Some even provide finishing options so employees can quickly print professional-looking marketing and other collateral. Cloud printing to use with typical business applications such as Dropbox or Google Driveallows employees to print and save files to mobile devices for fast, on-the-go access to critical information.

MFPs Save Space

Of course, a home office typically does not have the square footage available for full-size office printers, copiers, and other equipment. MFPs, with their much smaller footprint, can fit neatly into tight spaces, leaving plenty of room for business to happen.

MFPs Save Money

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of MFPs for the home office is their much smaller impact on your budget. One MFP that does the work of four large, expensive office machines is not only perfect for the remote worker or hybrid work environment, but it is perfect for a healthier bottom line. But that isn’t the only way these workhorses save you money. Because you are powering fewer devices, you — or your employees — are saving on energy costs as well.

Discover a Wide Variety of MFP Choices at Doing Better Business

At Doing Better Business, we know you want choices when it comes to office technology. That is why we have partnered with leaders in the print and imaging industry to bring you only the best in terms of multifunction devices for your remote or hybrid workspace.

Our wide selection of MFPs from tech leaders such as HP, Ricoh, Sharp, and Fujitsu allow you to choose the right business device for your specific needs and challenges. Every business is unique, so we offer a full complement of MFPs to fit any situation — and budget.

Win at remote work today. Contact a representative from Doing Better Business and learn how our selection of MFPs can help you outfit your remote team for success!

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