What Is the Best Printer for a Small Business Such as a Law Firm?

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Investing in a printer is no small task, especially for small law practice offices. Like their larger rivals, law firms have the same demanding print requirements. Like a small business, they may struggle with a budget which precludes the specific devices which would best serve them. To make the challenge harder, the best printer for small business isn’t always the same as the best printer for a law firm.

Legal offices have unique and stringent requirements for their printing infrastructure which go beyond what the typical small business might experience. Solo and small law practices which are currently considering a printer investment should take a moment to consider these needs, and how they might affect the models they choose. Read on to discover what a law firm typically needs in a printer and some model recommendations by the printing experts at Doing Better Business.

What Law Offices Need in a Printer

The legal industry is unique when it comes to document and printing needs. Not only will these offices handle an immense amount of confidential information, but they must also handle documents with strict formatting requirements. When it comes to printers, law firms need printers which deliver:

  • Unrivaled legibility. Cases, reports, and letters all contain pages upon pages of text that requires crystalline legibility.
  • Photo-quality images. Many cases or reports will come with images which need the same quality as the text.
  • Speedy, efficient printing. With case brief and documents sometimes running into the hundreds of pages, a solo or small practice office needs to print its jobs quickly and efficiently to avoid slowing down other operations.
  • Robust data security. Many industries handle sensitive information, but few handle the variety of data that law firms do. As a result, they’ve become an irresistible target for hackers seeking to steal personal information, company trade secrets, or other lucrative data.
  • Minimal space consumption. Small and solo practices are often run out of very small offices with limited space that already has a lot of demands placed upon it. The printing equipment needs to pack a punch while occupying the smallest possible footprint.

The Best Printers for Solo and Small Practice Law Firms

Many small legal practice offices benefit from a multifunction printer. These versatile workhorses have become the staple of modern offices due to their ability to deliver multiple document functions in one reduced footprint. Likewise, multifunction printers help law firms achieve operational efficiency through their ability to integrate with the rest of the tools which these professionals routinely use. Therefore, consider:

1. Ricoh MP 601SPF Monochrome Multifunction Printer

The MP601SPF laser printer is all around the best multifunction printer small businesses. It’s also an ideal device for law firms because it takes advantage of integration capabilities developed by Ricoh specifically for the legal industry. Between its high capacity feed and ability to print, copy, scan or fax at up to 62 pages per minute, it’s got the power a small business or law firm needs to get everything done rapidly. Choose this printer if the firm is rapidly growing, or routinely handling large bodies of litigation documents which need ultra-clear print legibility.

2. Lexmark CX330 Series Printers

For very small offices and solo practices, Lexmark’s CS330 series of multifunction printers delivers all the features necessary with the addition of color printing. Enjoy high-yield cartridges, a compact device, and the full functionality of a multifunction printer to keep cases on schedule. Lexmark is attractive for businesses in the legal industry because of its proprietary security measures which keep documents safe without impinging on an office’s workflow or productivity.

3. HP Color LaserJet Pro M479fdw Wireless Laser Printer

A cornerstone of the printing industry, HP represents one of the best-known brands – and for good reason. They offer a massive selection of not just printers but office technology across the board. Its multifunction printers are among some of the most reliable and efficient devices in the industry. Enjoy high-quality color printing with a device that can fully integrate with any work environment. Additionally, HP loads its printers with eco-conscious options for printing to help an office save paper, toner, and electricity.

Do Better Business With the Best Printer for Small Businesses and Law Firms

The best printer for a small business like a law firm isn’t always an obvious choice. Law offices need uncompromised print quality but must still often contend with the budget of a small business. A multifunction printer by Ricoh, Lexmark or HP may be just what a small or solo practice needs to maintain efficiency while achieving the print quality and security a law firm needs to conduct its business.

Do Better Business with the right equipment. We help small businesses and law firms select the ideal devices for security, efficiency, and ease of use. Contact us today to get started.

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