Supporting Digital Transformation in Legal Offices with Managed IT

Posted by Doing Better Business on Aug 2, 2021 8:00:00 AM

As sweeping changes brought about by the coronavirus pandemic continue to impact the legal industry, more law firms are looking to grow their revenue and provide exceptional service through the deployment of technology. In the legal world, digital transformation is more about ensuring a high level of compliance, performance, and customer satisfaction than just automating processes.

With technology as a tool, modern law offices can enable their workforce to acquire — and retain — more clients; work more cohesively as a team; and continue to provide strong protection for the type of sensitive materials handled by most legal offices.

Yet many legal offices struggle with — or even fear — the switch to a more digital workplace. This attitude stems from a concern that legal tech will eventually replace human lawyers altogether or, at the very least, reduce the number of lawyers necessary to operate a firm successfully.

Fortunately, digital transformation in legal offices still puts a strong emphasis on the human element, which is paramount at every level of operation. And, with studies proving that digital transformation not only increases business, profits, and employee satisfaction, there is no reason not to begin transforming your legal office right away.

How to Amplify Digital Transformation in Your Legal Office

If you’re ready to digitally transform your legal firm but you’re unsure of how to begin, the following paragraphs will be of special interest. We have broken down the long and sometimes arduous process of transformation into simple steps you can use as a springboard for change:

First, Assess Your Needs and Goals

Every law firm is a unique business, with specific needs, goals, and challenges. For example, some law firms are currently investing in a hybrid or remote work environment — a move that can cause major disruption if the right technologies aren’t put in place and maintained. In addition, a remote, mobile, or hybrid environment can bring more liability and put information at risk of cyberattacks, creating a need for strong cybersecurity protocols.

Take a close look at the way your firm operates to determine where technology can best support your staff and your clients.

Then, Invest in Technology

There can be no digital transformation without technology. Depending on what you discovered in your assessment, your need for tech can range from print management services that can encourage print visibility and secure information to document management to streamline paper-heavy workflows or even technology that will assist collaboration and team cohesiveness through better communication.

Finally, Invest in Experts

This step is perhaps the most critical element of your transformative plan. Many law firms have no IT department or a small — and perhaps overworked — one, making it difficult to get the right level of skill and knowledge necessary for a smooth digital transition.

The best option is to partner with a trusted third-party service provider that specialized in Managed IT services. These companies focus on digital technologies and actively recruit high-level talent that have cutting-edge knowledge of evolving trends. Your IT partner can help you with that initial assessment to zero in on your most critical needs and goals and then find cost-effective ways to help your firm apply the correct technologies.

Importantly, your Managed IT partner can also maintain and expand your systems as your needs evolve to ensure you have the right technologies at your fingertips — when you need them.

Doing Better Business Can Help Your Firm Transform Quickly and Easily

At Doing Better Business, we understand how difficult change can be. That is why our team of Managed IT experts are committed to helping our legal clients tackle their digital transformations with as little disruption as possible.

Our team can develop and deploy a scalable infrastructure that can grow and change as your company evolves, paring down the number of time-consuming manual processes and providing your staff with more uptime for better productivity. In addition, we will ensure your company is compliant with applicable data privacy and protection regulations and keep your cybersecurity on the cutting-edge, protecting your data from evolving threats.

Finally, we act as an extension of your own staff, by partnering closely with your team to ensure your firm reaps all the benefits a digital transformation can bring.

Transform your law firm the easy way. Contact a representative from Doing Better Business and learn how partnering with us for Managed IT can put digital transformation within reach.

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