Should You Invest in Thermal Cameras?

Posted by Doing Better Business on Apr 5, 2021 7:45:00 AM

As more states rescind their ongoing mask mandates and businesses and schools look toward reopening fully soon, many are concerned about the uncertainty that the new procedures will bring to the table. Even vaccinated individuals are at risk of catching — and spreading — the virus. The vaccine only offers boosted immunity, not protection against contracting the virus.

For many workplaces, this loosening of health and safety guidelines coupled with a sense of false security surrounding the vaccine may contribute to increased infection rates. Reducing contact with potentially infected individuals is essential, particularly in businesses where employees cannot safely socially distance or are exposed to contact with the public.

As business owners continue to ponder how to keep their workforce protected, innovators in technology have stepped up to the plate. One piece of equipment in particular, the thermal camera, can be instrumental in keeping sick individuals away from your place of business.

The Clear Advantages of Thermal Cameras in the Workplace

Simply put, a thermal camera is a device that measures a person’s core body temperature using infrared light, although different models and types can use various thresholds to calculate whether an individual’s temperature is within an acceptable range.

Thermal cameras can be stand-alone or fixed-mounted and can be integrated into existing security systems, making them an easy-to-deploy tool for minimizing contact with potentially sick persons.

  1. Excellent Addition to First Line of Defense Protocols

When combined with other security protocols such as access control systems, a thermal scanner can provide increased management of foot traffic in and out of your premises. Some models offer facial recognition technology and face mask detection to ensure on-site health and safety guidelines are followed.

It is important to note that while thermal cameras screen for anyone with an elevated temperature, they do not detect the presence of COVID-19. Some people with COVID have no symptoms at all, while others display mild symptoms without the presence of fever.

That is why employees must be educated on the symptoms of the virus and told to stay at home if they are feeling ill.

However, this technology will detect high temperatures that typically occur with many contagious illnesses including COVID-19 and season flu strains.

  1. Reduces Physical Contact

Taking temperatures with a hand-held device can expose the operator to potential infection. Most thermal scanners come with wall mounting options or table or vertical stands that allow them to be used in an open area without the need for an attendant.

  1. Saves Time and Money; Keeps Workplace Safer

Using a thermal scanner at your business entrance removes the need for in-person on-site access management and helps keep sick individuals from spreading illness among employees or customers.

The tendency of people to come to work sick, or “presenteeism” is nothing new. A recent study showed that 70% of people come to work even if they feel ill. If that sick individual spends just two to four hours at work, they can spread germs in over half of surfaces that are commonly touched — exposing others to illness.

This trend costs the U.S. nearly $150 billion every year in lost productivity as sick employees spread the illness to workmates and hampers their company’s operational efficiency.

Using a thermal camera to locate employees with elevated temperatures can reduce workplace exposure to illness, reducing lost hours of productivity and keeping others safer.

Ready to Invest in Thermal Cameras? Let Doing Better Business Provide You with Leading Edge Models

If you’re ready to invest in thermal cameras to keep your business, employees, and customers safer as we continue to weather the ongoing pandemic, we have you covered.

Doing Better Business (DBB) has sourced leading-edge technology to bring you the highest quality thermal cameras and scanners with a wide range of features. Not only do our models provide face and mask recognition, but they also come with a lifetime of free, unlimited training and assistance.

Plus, we offer the only scanner that offers live video assistance for real-time entry approval — the perfect integration for your current access management system.

With a centralized management system that covers multiple scanners and keeps data and attendance numbers handy, our series of thermal cameras will provide an excellent return on your investment for years to come.

Make your workplace safer — and more productive — this year. Contact a representative from Doing Better Business and discover how our thermal cameras can help your employees and customers stay healthier.

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