How One Simple Change Can Improve Business Sustainability

Posted by Doing Better Business on Apr 24, 2023 8:00:00 AM

When companies think about ways they can be more profitable, they rarely think about business sustainability.

The quest to improve profits usually centers around raising sales, expanding product lines, or pursuing innovation in processes.

These are all perfectly viable ways for companies to improve their performance and reach new heights of success. After all, growth comes in many forms, just like the pathway there. But could some smaller changes be underrated in their overall impact? Specifically, could changing up the office supply order manifest into a major profitability boost over time?

The Importance of Sustainability in the Imaging Field

The imaging field sees an impact in nearly every field out there. Whenever processes like printing, scanning, and faxing are in play, imaging technology is contributing to a company’s success.

In this regard, the materials they use for such processes can be value drivers. But in order to generate the desired results, they must be efficient in performance and also cost effective.

Sustainability is a topic that is directly related to expense management. When companies invest in more sustainable imaging technology and supplies, they stand to increase their savings – and if they can continue to maintain the same level of output, this could translate into ROI over time.

The Impact of Sustainable Ink and Toner

Business sustainability in imaging technology often boils down to energy consumption. While companies can usually reduce their energy habits in many ways, it’s common to put the spotlight on equipment – especially equipment that’s used constantly such as office hardware.

Sustainable ink and toner are becoming more popular options for print setups of all sizes. While they can be used alongside other solutions such as energy-saving hardware and recycled paper, this take on ink and cartridges could stand to be a long-term value driver.

This is where companies can see the true value in this change. As any business owner knows, supply costs are an ongoing expense, and they’re usually looked at as a part of the bigger picture.

The affordability that remanufactured and sustainable supplies unlock can be seen steadily when companies compare quarters and years after they’ve enacted this change.

How Exactly Do Companies Save Money?

Typically when print cartridges are empty, they’re tossed out and a replacement is inserted. But every time this happens, it represents a new expense that must be budgeted in.

Now consider the company that has five devices in their fleet. Or four fleets in their facility. Or multiple fleet setups across a dozen departments. The costs can add up quick, as the financial impact of the cartridge replacement multiplies.

Likewise, when this cost can be eliminated, it’s a small saving that will deliver compounding results. Remanufactured cartridges can be refilled and reused, so it’s a recurring expense that is then nullified. For companies that see print supplies take up a big amount of their budget, that’s a nice amount of funding that’s freed up.

Companies Can Reinvest Their Supply Savings

Any money that’s not wrapped up in replacing cartridges and fueling print processes can then be reinvested in the company. This is where the financial benefits of sustainable practices really shine. Just like cartridges and other materials can be refashioned, so can the funding that would’ve gone to them.

Especially in the current economy, what could a company do with extra money? They could add new equipment, hire new talents, implement managed services, or even open up new product lines or entirely new facilities.

The possibilities are nearly endless, and they all open up based on a simple (but impressive) level of savings that result when print supplies are reconsidered.

Are Remanufactured Cartridges Reliable?

One question that professionals may have before implementing remanufactured solutions into their facility is whether or not they’re reliable. After all, this change is only worth it if the materials can support the same level of productivity or greater.

Properly produced remanufactured cartridges are thoroughly examined for damage and repaired. They’re also carefully cleaned. They’re then tested, to ensure they can be regularly refilled and support print processes for months, years, and decades to come – all without costly replacements.

Do Better with Sustainability at Your Business

The picture of the successful business starts with a small idea, and sees a great journey where it flourishes into a thriving organization.

Oftentimes, successful business changes take this same route. They start out as small updates that seem minimal at the time – but as the quarters and years add up, so do the savings, the capacity for reinvestment, and inevitably, the boost in profits.

Ready to improve your print productivity with sustainable solutions? Doing Better Business understands how business sustainability can impact financial success and steady growth. Connect with us to learn about our suite of print technologies and managed serviced options proven to spur business growth.

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