Elements to Consider When Choosing a Document Management Platform for Your Business

Posted by Doing Better Business on Jul 25, 2022 8:00:00 AM

The ongoing pandemic has brought with it widespread disruption. Companies are adjusting to a “new normal” that consists not only of remote or hybrid work environments, but an increase in digitization. Alongside this evolution of a more digital presence for businesses and organizations comes the inherent threat of cyberattack. As more information is transformed into digital form, data miners and hackers are using increasingly sophisticated techniques to access it.

Yet, businesses must digitally transform to improve customer service and the overall customer journey, gain access to insights formed through data analysis, and streamline workflows for increased efficiency and productivity. For forward-thinking businesses, the answer to how to digitize information safely lies in choosing a document management platform that can offer advantages to work processes while keeping data protected.

Things to Examine When Choosing the Proper Document Management Platform

Choosing a document management platform is an important part of a smart business strategy. A document management solution (DMS) can help you reduce reliance on cumbersome paper processes, reducing the potential for costly errors resulting from manual input. However, in order to choose the right DMS for your business, you must consider the following elements:

  1. There is an Adjustment Period

Like any new technology, document management software comes with a learning curve. Staff must be appropriately trained on how to use the new system and how to integrate it into their workday. Some processes will be automated, which may require adjustments to coordinating workflows. If you work with a competent third-party partner, your staff will be able to get the training and education they need to make full use of the advantages document management systems bring to the table.

  1. Paper Will Still Be There

Contrary to popular belief, paper doesn’t go away once a document management system is in place. This is an important element, as it gives your business time to slowly move your paper filing system into a digital archive. As your team learns how to properly use the system to archive, edit, and share documentation, you can slowly reduce your reliance on paper information.

  1. PDFs, TIFFs, and JPEGs, Oh My!

Depending on the type of business you operate, you may process forms in a number of file formats on a daily basis. To digitize everything properly, you should choose a DMS that allows you to process all the format types you typically use. When considering formats, don’t forget to include the types typically used by your business partners or clients so you can maintain a seamless digital relationship with them once your DMS is up and running.

  1. Consider All Communication Channels

Now that many businesses have remote employees as well as in-house workers and those that work on the go, making critical documents and information accessible through all channels is a necessity. Make sure the DMS you select allows for authorized employees to access necessary documents regardless of whether they are on a laptop, a desktop PC, a tablet, or even their smartphone. Your vendor should ensure that all documents are formatted to read correctly on different screen sizes for clear, accessible communications across channels. A DMS connected to cloud data can help provide the kind of fast, secure access your employees need.

  1. Security is Key

In this world of increasing cybercrime, document security is key. Many DMS’ that operate in cloud environments have heightened security strategies including data redundancy, around the clock monitoring, and IT professionals who have deep knowledge of emerging cyberthreats. Your third-party partner should be able to explain exactly how your data is protected once it is archived in the DMS.

Trust Doing Better Business to Help You Digitize Properly

There are so many elements to consider when choosing a DMS for your business. One size does not fit all situations, so we strive to make our DMS options customizable to fit the exact needs of your business. As your business grows and changes, we make sure your DMS can grow and change alongside it.

Our team of document management professionals can assess the way you currently use your paper data and devise a custom-tailored document management solution to help you and your staff achieve the benefits that come along with digitization, such as smoother collaboration, greater data security, and better workflows and efficiency.

Transform your business with the right document management platform. Contact a representative from Doing Better Business and get started today.

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