Best Home Office Setup to Maximize Your Productivity

Posted by Doing Better Business on May 4, 2020 10:00:00 AM

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The rapid advances in digital technologies have enabled more people to telecommute to the office every year. While this year ushered in a global remote work experiment, analysts had already predicted more companies would adopt work-from-home policies. As far back as 2017, a report published by FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics found that more than four million Americans were doing at least 50% of their jobs from a home office or remote location.

5 Tips to Set Up a Home Office for Maximum Productivity

Not every job function is suitable for telecommuting but for those who can, they should set up their home office for productivity. Various studies show remote workers are more productive than office-bound employees. A survey by Airtasker reported that remote employees worked 1.4 days more every month.

Those who were already telecommuting have the best home office setup and daily routines to stay productive. For others just getting started, here are five tips for how to set up a work-from-home environment to maximize productivity.

1. Create a Dedicated Work-From-Home Office Space

It’s not easy to maintain the correct work/life balance when working from home. Setting up a dedicated home office space can help reduce distractions and set boundaries that help keep remote workers productive. The best option would be to have a dedicated room for the home office. If this isn’t feasible, then select a space that doesn’t interfere with normal living or family activities.

Additional tips for selecting a home office space include:

  • Choose a space large enough for all business activities. This may include assigning space for a home printer.
  • Set up the home office near a window where there’s a view of the outside. Restful green and calming blue colors improve efficiency and focus.

2. Optimize the Home Office for Efficiency

Having to perform work at different locations will reduce productivity. Design the space so that all the work-from-home accessories and essential devices are within easy reach. The space could include storage cabinets for business files, a multifunction printer, or having a second screen available.

3. Declutter the Home Office Often

Decluttering applies just as much to the home office as it does to a corporate desk. The more clutter in the area, the harder it is to remain focused. After optimizing the space for productivity, regularly remove items not essential to work. This includes hand-written notes, unused files, any knickknacks left behind by kids or family members, and dirty dishes such as coffee cups.

4. Upgrade Home Office Accessories and Devices as Required

Repurposing an old chair may work in a pinch but it’s better to have comfortable office furniture. The same applies to other accessories. Anti-glare screens can help reduce strain on the eyes and a good posture will help with focusing on work instead of rubbing a sore neck. The home office mustn’t put additional stress on the body, so it may even help to set up a standing desk depending on personal preference.

5. Keep Some Distractions Close

Working from home doesn’t follow the same routines as the office. It’s important to take short breaks occasionally. While not every break should be a stroll through the garden, keeping something like a book, a musical instrument, or even a handheld device to play a game on close can help refocus the mind. It may also help to use a tool such as a focus-timer to schedule breaks in advance. Focusing on work for set periods can do wonders for productivity.

Additional Tips for Staying Productive While Working from Home

Apart from optimizing the home office, it’s also important to adopt behaviors that improve productivity while working from home. Following these tips will help improve focus and reduce stress.

The behaviors that help people to work-from-home productively are:

  • Listing the tasks required for every day and marking them off when they are completed.
  • Taking eye breaks every twenty minutes by staring at something 20 yards away for 20 seconds.
  • Dressing up for the workday instead of wearing casual clothes or PJs.
  • Exercising for a few minutes every day or during breaks to improve blood circulation.

Optimize the Home Office for Maximum Productivity with Doing Better Business

Working from home will continue to become more popular in the future regardless of current circumstances. As more companies understand the benefits of having a remote working policy, it’ll become important for individuals to invest in a dedicated home office. Doing Better Business can help both companies and individuals optimize their spaces for teleworking using our business productivity tools and multifunction printers.

To start optimizing your home office for productivity and efficiency, get in touch with Doing Better Business today.


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