Wide-Format Printing for Small Businesses in the COVID Era

Posted by Doing Better Business on Nov 2, 2020 8:00:00 AM

The usual norms and procedures of visiting a small business these days almost feel like a distant memory. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown, and subsequent reopening of businesses, a casual visit to a favorite shop or restaurant comes with new rules and expectations.

It’s important for businesses to clearly communicate to their returning customers the various changes that have taken place since they last visited. Plus, with varying rules set down by different levels of government as well as businesses themselves, it’s not safe to assume that everyone walking into the store knows exactly what to expect.

Wide-format printing can help take the confusion, guesswork, and unfamiliarity of the experience for both businesses and customers. With effective signage, the tricky landscape of doing business in the COVID era is a little more manageable.

What is Wide-Format Printing?

Simply put, wide-format printing is anything that is larger than the standard printing size of 8.5” x 11”. These print jobs are not something that can simply be completed by a typical office or home printer. In many cases, these larger print jobs also have unique applications.

Wide-format printing, also referred to as large-format printing, can include everything from posters to decals to stickers to car wraps, and more. With respect to COVID reopening measures, it’s easy to see all of the areas within a business where large-format printing may prove to be very useful in facilitating a safe and healthy environment.

Informing with Posters

Large posters are perhaps the most obvious option when it comes to informing customers about new rules or policies that may be in effect. With posters, information can easily be shared for customers to read, see from afar, and they can even be customized with eye-catching images and color. 

The large size of posters also means they can help inform people who may be outside the business. A poster near the entrance simply announcing the reopening of the business or new hours can help draw in people who may be passing by.

Maintain Order with Decals

Floor decals have become incredibly popular with businesses reopening during the pandemic. Physical distancing is one of the most important preventative measures that businesses can take to protect their staff and their customers. It also helps customers feel more comfortable when visiting.

Floor decals are being widely used to help direct the flow of traffic throughout a business as well as set guidelines for how to line up while maintaining physical distancing. Colorful decals with simple images are effective, easy to understand and help maintain a professional appearance while adapting to the new normal.

Window decals have also grown in popularity recently. These can be used to advertise reopening, new business hours, or even inform outside customers of the various options for service like curbside pickup, if available.

Step Up Promotion

Getting through the pandemic has not been easy for any business. An estimated 100,000 small businesses have closed across the nation in recent months. Getting the word out about offers or just generally raising awareness is more important than ever to get back on track. Wide-format printing can be an important part of any marketing budget.

Additional promotional materials like stickers can help add that extra bit of recognizability. For example, stickers can be used at a restaurant to seal delivery orders for peace of mind. They can be added to mail orders or curbside pickup orders as an additional item for customers.

Car decals can also be used to help promote services that customers are seeking during the pandemic like free home delivery, for example. This turns a delivery vehicle into a moving billboard which can help attract new customers.

Thinking Outside the Box

Posters, decals, and stickers are all great uses for wide-format printing and are definitely among the most popular. But what about some of the more unique uses for this type of printing?

With mask mandates and voluntary mask-wearing initiatives, it’s common to see staff at businesses wearing masks while they work with the general public. With large format printing, businesses can provide their staff with branded masks to wear at work. This adds to the professionalism of the business while also adapting to the new realities of doing business. Plus, it provides an important piece of protective equipment to staff to help keep them safe and healthy at work.

That’s just one of the many possibilities when using the full potential of wide-format printing.

Taking Printing to the Next Level

Doing business these days presents new and unexpected challenges. Wide-format printing can help small businesses overcome some of the new hurdles that have been placed in their path. From healthy and safety signage to promotional materials, Doing Better Business is helping small businesses to keep moving forward.

To learn more about the range of wide-format printing options, contact Doing Better Business today.

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