Top Legal IT Challenges (And How to Fix Them With Document Management)

Posted by Doing Better Business on Sep 12, 2022 8:00:00 AM

The legal industry has always brought its own unique challenges, but legal IT adds a whole new layer of complexity to the field.

No matter the size of the firm of the area of law where they specialize, the process of using technology to enhance legal services brings with it numerous new concerns.

Legal IT challenges are as important as any challenge a law firm will face. By excelling with technology, they can excel at providing optimal client representation and remaining profitable.

4 Tech Topics Legal Companies Must Focus On

The field of law is vastly complex, multi-faceted, and constantly evolving. But if you look at the state of legal IT as it pertains to today’s industry as a whole, you’ll see some similar areas of interest.

Whether a law firm focuses on personal injuries, business deals, or family matters, these are the top legal IT issues that matter the most in 2022.

1.    Cybersecurity

Just like the law field represents somewhat of a battle between good and evil, technology is the same. For every dedicated data thief trying to breach personal data, security experts exist to stop them.

Cybersecurity ranks as the top issue for numerous reasons. For one, cyberattacks against all fields are increasing in 2022. But the law field in particular can experience high levels of breach attempts. Even small firms are often big targets, as any law firm likely has plenty of personal and private information on file at all times.

Companies that put security first through proper legal technology like smart document management systems can protect their clients’ information and maintain seamless legal compliance.

2.    Remote Work

The legal industry, like all others, turned heavily to remote work during the pandemic. As the world restores to some level of normalcy, the law field is one of many that is continuing to embrace remote work.

Law firms are comprised of many different positions, ranging from researchers to outsourced specialists for unique cases. Remote work makes it easy for all these minds to come together, from their own locations, and get cases managed in a timely and efficient fashion.

Remote work poses some challenges to data security and efficiency. Can everyone access the information they need? Can they share it securely? Are all endpoints accounted for and monitored in a remote work setup? Answering these questions is crucial for law firms to get optimal value from remote work.

3.    Data and Information Management

Anyone who has ever worked in the legal field knows that it’s common to see tons of documents on a daily basis. Most every case has a transcription, some rulings have entire volumes of writing dedicated to them, and every new step in a legal process often requires everything to be signed off on in writing.

It’s easy for law firms to get overloaded with information. This hinders both productivity and privacy. While some say that digital transformation poses risks, it’s actually immensely helpful in this area. Since documents are both the building blocks of a great firm and the top target of data thieves, finding an optimal solution to manage them solves two problems at once.

Especially for firms that are looking to grow or embracing remote work as talked about above, going digital with document management and getting it from a managed service provider is highly beneficial.

4.    Disaster Recovery

Let’s say a law firm excels with legal technology and does everything right. But in a high-stakes environment like this, a simple human error or stroke of misfortune can change everything.

What happens if an employee scanning through an inbox of thousands of emails accidentally clicks a phishing link? Or a faulty power outlet fries your main server?

Disaster recovery solutions can back up your crucial data, so your firm and its cases won’t be halted if an emergency happens. This can protect your clients and your firm’s reputation. Don’t forget to seek your services from a provider with legal specialization, so your backups are maintained in accordance with the field’s compliance standards.

Let Us Help You Master Legal IT Management Today

These are a few of the top legal IT challenges that firms are facing today. When you work to manage these concerns, you position your firm as an industry leader for clients and empower your team to work to their absolute full potential.

If you’re looking to do better with legal IT, contact Doing Better Business today. Our legal IT solutions help you stay secure, efficient, and productive no matter where you are in your digital transformation journey. Reach out today to put technology to work for you, your firm, and your clients.

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