The Importance of Managed Print Services for SMBs

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Ask five people what they think of when they hear the phrase office technology, and at least a few of them will respond with, “printers.” Printing is so central to business that it’s almost an invisible function, going unnoticed until there’s a paper jam. Yet, despite its ubiquity, it can prove exceedingly difficult to develop a thoughtful, effective, and efficient printing environment. Waste, unauthorized printing, and missing supplies can drive up the cost of an office print environment. As such, some companies turned to managed print services to help keep their printing under control.

Managed print services take over the selection, deployment, maintenance, and consumable supply of a print environment for a business. For small and medium businesses, this represents a critical advantage that can help steer a business towards success. Wondering if managed print services are worth it? Read on to learn how they help SMBs.

How to Improve Business With Managed Print Services

For a startup or SMB, managed print services deliver several critical advantages. In particular, smaller enterprises which haven’t quite established themselves yet can:

1. Get Started on the Right Foot With Expert Guidance

With so many models and manufacturers on the market – and each representing a sizeable investment –finding the right printer is both time consuming and stressful. SMBs, without the benefit of experience in office solutions, may struggle to select the right device. Likewise, they may fail to use the device to its fullest potential, missing out on valuable productivity-enhancing strategies which can propel achievement.

However, with a managed print service provider guiding the selection process, small businesses can rest assured that they’re getting exactly what they need the first time around. A managed service provider will consider the company’s present and future printing needs, then offer recommendations based on a long history of experience.

2. Maximize Savings With Print Environment Controls.

Printing is a staple of modern business processes and as such it’s one of the biggest operating expenses a company typically has. On average, offices spend between three and six percent of their total revenue on printing. Unfortunately, because the print environment naturally creates blind spots, it can prove quite difficult to adequately calculate exactly what a business spends.

Managed print services help identify spending and reduce it. These experts know how to leverage print tracking and access control to make sure that a company knows what gets printed where, when, and by whom. By controlling the print environment it’s much easier to eliminate or unauthorized printing.

3. Enjoy Enterprise-Level Security Without the Investment.

Cybercriminals have many ways to access a company’s most sensitive data – and SMBs are among their favorite targets. Smaller businesses typically have neither the budget nor the expertise to invest in robust cybersecurity, especially when it comes to the print environment. Likewise, printers are among the most commonly attacked office equipment because many companies simply overlook the fact that they have a hard drive.

SMBs are rarely aware of these features. In contrast, imaging experts know exactly where hackers are likely to target document infrastructure and can anticipate accordingly. Managed print services consider security from the start, building a print environment that is both efficient and secure.

4. Give Employees the Tools They Need to Be Productive.

In a small business, employees will likely work more than one position – a managed print service provider can help make sure they have the tools to effectively do so. Tools such as multifunction printers are a compact and high-powered solution that puts printing, scanning, faxing, and more in one place. Additionally, these WiFi-connected devices can leverage the office network to provide increased levels of integration. The result is the ability to effortlessly do more with less.

5. Free the IT Personnel From Basic Service Requests.

Unlike a large corporation, SMBs often forego an IT department in favor of one or two personnel who provide tech support. However, as the company grows and becomes more technologically advanced, that can lead to IT personnel being swamped with help requests when it comes to printers.

A managed print service takes the burden of maintenance and help requests away from internal IT personnel so they can stay focused on running other aspects of the network. Likewise, by taking over this element of the print environment, an also SMB gains access to skilled technicians who can more quickly and efficiently address help requests.

Enjoy Managed Print Services Today

Managed print services are one strategy which many businesses employ to streamline their print environment. For startups and SMBs, the benefits which such services deliver are substantial. A managed print service provider can help a smaller organization get off on the right foot and create numerous opportunities to reduce operating expenses or time spent dealing with printers. This creates opportunities for savings, efficiency, and business growth.

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