The Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

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Classrooms have come a long way since the days of blackboards and mechanical pencil sharpeners. These days, it’s not uncommon to find an array of technology in lecture halls and classrooms of every subject. As schools look for new ways to stay current and provide the best education, the benefits of interactive whiteboards in the classroom are becoming increasingly salient.

With their ability to foster collaboration and incite engagement, interactive whiteboards are making their way steadily into public and private institutions alike. In classrooms, this technology invites changes in the way teachers construct their lessons and students engage with materials. It opens the door for learning opportunities previously impossible without such digital advantages.

An interactive whiteboard is a modern touch which both inspires engagement and improves education. Read on to discover their many benefits.

The Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

If there’s one piece of technology which can radically alter the structure and nature of education, it’s interactive whiteboards. Just like whiteboards replaced blackboards due to their efficiency and ease of use, interactive whiteboards are rapidly establishing themselves as staples of the modern classroom. Interactive whiteboards deliver a wealth of benefits in the classroom for both teachers and students. They:

1. Make Teaching Easier.

Whiteboards are cleaner and easier to use than blackboards. However, interactive whiteboards are not only mess-free but put everything a teacher needs for a lesson into one easy place: directly in front of students. Rather than preparing transparent films for an overhead projector or pieces of paper to print, an interactive whiteboard leverages WiFi to display not just what a teacher prepared on the computer but also on whatever devices the students use to follow along. They streamline teaching and make it easier.

2. Accommodate Multiple Learning Styles.

The best education technology helps students get the information they need in a format that works for them. Interactive whiteboards are effective in this regard because they allow visual, audio, and kinetic learning. Students can watch, listen, and follow along on their own devices or take advantage of the interactive pens to mark directly onto the whiteboard.

3. Increase Student Engagement.

It’s well-known that interactivity increases engagement in the classroom. A 2013 study found that interactivity is one of three key elements for a successful learning environment – students learn better when they’re able to work with the material rather than passively receive it. Therefore, an interactive whiteboard is the perfect tool for getting students engaged and active in the classroom.

4. Stay Connected with the Lesson

In a world rushing towards a fully digital reality, interactive whiteboards offer a way for students and teachers to stay connected with the lesson long after the class ends. Many interactive whiteboard models come loaded with apps that help teachers disseminate files such as presentations or lecture notes in convenient formats. As such, students can take advantage of this connectivity to assist with their studies or to further interact with the lesson.

5. Reduce Classroom Costs.

Like many industries, schools constantly face pressure to perform on stricter budgets. Classrooms are being increasingly asked to do more with less. However, a thoughtfully deployed interactive whiteboard can help reduce a classroom’s costs by reducing the amount of paper or supplies needed for each class. Likewise, WiFi connectivity allows schools to leverage the reality that most students will have access to personal devices which far exceed what the district can provide. Students can follow along on their own devices brought from home.

6. Meet Student Expectations.

Schools have lagged in technology for a long time[1] . For students, this has traditionally meant frustration as their daily lives involve a high degree of technological connectivity. However, despite the advances towards a truly digital world, many classrooms remain stuck in analog – assigning pen and paper assignments rather than digital ones. In contrast, an interactive whiteboard sends a strong message about a school’s commitment to embracing the future. It’s a visual indicator that an institution is forward-thinking and able to help students prepare for the future.

Interactive Whiteboards Inspire Learning

If education is designed to help prepare students for the future, then schools need tools which reflect a commitment to looking ahead. An interactive whiteboard is a modern tool which helps drive engagement, interactivity, and – ultimately – learning. The benefits of interactive whiteboards in the classroom are manifold, making them a valuable addition to the lecture hall.

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