OneScreen GoSafe Helps Prevent Coronavirus Spread in Schools

Posted by Doing Better Business on Oct 12, 2020 10:32:00 AM


School safety has become a number one issue with the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. In order to keep students and teachers safe, proper coronavirus screening measures need to be taken. With the right school building security, the spread of coronavirus can be slowed down significantly or perhaps completely eliminated.

The good news is that modern technology makes screening for coronavirus extremely easy as well as hands-free.

With OneScreen GoSafe’s advanced video technology, students, school staff, and visitors can be screened at entry points and only allowed access if they show no signs of a temperature. Optionally, the OneScreen GoSafe device can deny entrance to people who are not properly wearing a face mask.

How OneScreen GoSafe Helps With School Safety School Building Security

The OneScreen GoSafe device consists of a tablet-like video device that includes a temperature monitor. It works to screen students and staff without anyone needing to touch anything. Here are a few of the benefits of this coronavirus-prevention technology:

OneScreen GoSafe Scans for Temperature Anomalies in Less Than One Second

The typical infrared “temperature gun” that is often used at points of entries requires a human being to hold the thermometer and point it at a person’s forehead. This can potentially expose the entry-person as well as the person entering to COVID-19 or other airborne illnesses, even with masks being worn. It can also be a slow process.

The OneScreen GoSafe temperature monitor is built into the display tablet. It scans temperatures quickly. No human being is required to take the temperature. The person who needs to be scanned simply stands in front of the screen and makes sure their face fits into the guidelines of the video display. The temperature is automatically taken and then a result displayed.

The OneScreen GoSafe System Is Versatile for All Types of Setups and Controlled Access Systems

The great thing about OneScreen GoSafe is that it integrates easily with many controlled access systems and network setups. You can use GoSafe to screen entrants and then have it automatically open or lock doors or gates. It works completely hands-free to avoid the spread of germs. With the use of optional facial recognition technology, OneScreen GoSafe can also allow only authorized personnel to enter a building or restricted area.

The OneScreen GoSafe system can also be used without an access point – these systems are set up in school cafeterias and libraries so students can get temperature checks throughout the day.

OneScreen GoSafe Links into Attendance Software

OneScreen GoSafe uses optional facial recognition software that can automatically mark a student as being present or not. This can potentially cut down on the number of kids skipping school and playing “hooky.”

OneScreen GoSafe Can Also check for the Presence of Face Masks

OneScreen GoSafe is designed to scan faces and determine if the person is wearing a face mask. The most amazing thing about this technology is that it can actually identify whether a person is wearing a face mask properly! If the mask is on (say, worn around the chin) and not properly covering the mouth and nose, the OneScreen GoSafe technology will note this and tell the user to put the mask on properly before proceeding.

Given the potential issues with younger children not wearing masks properly, this technology can potentially avoid a lot of problems. It can also be a fun way for young kids to learn how to wear their face mask properly. Granted, adults or older children may find the mask check less fun, but for a child, it might be more interesting to them to get instructions from a video interface than an adult. Putting the mask on correctly will result in them being “rewarded” by the OneScreen GoSafe system.

As you can see, the OneScreen GoSafe technology is far superior to the hands-on temperature guns now being used at a lot of entry points. GoSafe not only takes temperatures but does it hands-free while screening for mask use. It’s a highly efficient, safety-enhancing technology.

Need Help with OneScreen GoSafe Implementation for School Safety?

If your school or educational institution is interested in OneScreen GoSafe technology, we can help. At Doing Better Business, Inc., we have quickly become experts in technologies that can help screen for and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. We can also help set up and configure these amazing technologies to provide the best school building security to keep students, faculty, and staff safe.

We help you with safety. Keep your school safe with OneScreen GoSafe and other COVID-19 prevention technologies. For help with all your technology needs, contact us today.

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