Need to Improve Client Relationships? Try Video Conferencing

Posted by Doing Better Business on Sep 26, 2022 8:00:00 AM

While the worlds of work and technology have changed a lot, one thing remains true – communication is still critical to business success.

There’s no substitute for a great and authentic connection between two parties whether they’re longtime partners or working together for the first time. The only thing that’s changed is how we communicate.

While video conferencing has been around for decades, the pandemic saw a massive uptick in video usage. Video chats and meetings are more popular than ever, and they’re a proven tool for improving client relationships.

Video Conferencing Has Remained a Top Business Tool

If there’s one thing business owners value as much as great communication, it’s convenience. When it’s easier, quicker, and more affordable to come together in a certain way, business owners are willing to make it happen.

Often times, the best way for professionals to come together in 2022 is by video. Remote, hybrid, and asynchronous work all demand technology that can allow for formal, private, face-to-face conversations – even at a distance.

Business technology like video chat software and improved connectivity to support it are more popular than ever, and this trend will only accelerate moving forward.

How the Distancing Age Drove Video Usage

During a time when we had to work from a distance, video conferencing became the go-to norm for business meetings, work sessions, base touching, and more.

But even as we have the option to work together in person again, many companies are choosing to stick with video conferencing as a regular business communication process. Why? Because after upgrading their technology and seeing how viable video had become, more companies are seeing the value in continuing to use it.

Why Does Video Help to Improve Client Relationships?

There’s something more personal about a conversation when you can sit down before the other party and look them in the eye while you’re chatting.

Video meetings provide a sense of authenticity and connection that you just can’t get on voice calls. Even if it’s someone you know well, it often feels like workers are really getting down to business when they’re sitting in front of one another and communicating in this most immersive type of setting.

Greater Connections Build Trust Even at a Distance

Trust is arguably the single most important quality a business can build with its audience, employees, and investors. It’s a quality that doesn’t come in a box or via a download – but that doesn’t mean the right solutions can’t set the stage for trust building.

When companies use video conferencing solutions and other similar business technology, they position themselves as open to communicate, and show they truly view the communication process as important. Especially when a company is working with newer people for the first time or early in their relationship, business technology built around video meetings can help build trust quicker.

Hire, Train, Sell, and More – from Anywhere

Companies have used the rough period of COVID, shutdowns, supply chain congestion, and inflation as an opportunity. This opportunity to expand and try new things has more companies trying the remote approach for nearly all aspects of business.

Hiring new employees is much easier when they can make the interview from their own home. Training can also run more smoothly when remote options are available. Many people even prefer to shop online now, making video conferencing a proven solution for making sales.

There’s practically no business function that can’t be enhanced with the option of bringing all parties together in a secure and high-quality video chat.

High-Quality Video is a Must for Business Communication

Speaking of quality, it should be mentioned that a company’s video calls are somewhat of a representation of the organization itself. If call quality is clear, software is intuitive, and security is a constant, a company shows it values both client relationships and internal organization.

When there are no drop outs, pixelation, or other problems that impact call quality, everyone can stay focused solely on the content of the session. What’s more, they’ll leave knowing that their time was well spent and that the company knows how to do communication right.

Upgrade to Industry Leading Video Conferencing Solutions Today

Businesses will always need to excel at communication, and these days that means excelling with technology. Whether you’re looking to connect with remote workers, onboard online, or delve into the world of e-commerce, video chat options are always helpful.

If you’re looking for better quality and consistency in your video conferencing setup, contact Doing Better Business today. Our hardware, connectivity, and security solutions all empower your company to embrace video chat options for any business function you need.

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