HP PageWide Offers a Variety of Uses

Posted by Doing Better Business on Mar 15, 2021 8:00:00 AM

There was a time when wide format printing was something that most businesses didn’t consider for themselves. The printers were prohibitively expensive to purchase and maintain in many scenarios. It made more sense for businesses to contract unique printing jobs out to specialized print shops at a significant markup. However, the HP PageWide printers have changed that outdated perception and made wide format printing affordable and accessible for businesses, educational institutions, and nonprofits.

These cutting-edge printers offer an economical way to print materials that many businesses never dreamed of printing on their own.

Print on a Wide Range of Media

When most people think of printing, they think of printing ink or toner to a standard piece of printer paper. This obviously limits what is possible with a typical printer. With HP PageWide printers, the type of media that users can print on is expanded greatly. From printing on adhesive paper to design stickers, to printing on poster board to create a custom new sign, or even printing on wrapping paper for custom business gifts; the possibilities almost feel endless.

This allows businesses and organizations to bring a lot of their more unique printing needs in-house. Or, for businesses that work in the b2b space, provides another source of revenue by offering a wider range of services to other businesses seeking custom printing.

Create Custom Printed Products In-House

By bringing these custom printing projects in-house, businesses stand to save a lot of money and expand what they’re able to offer. Previously, printing a new sign or poster was a costly endeavor. As a result, businesses would update their signage less frequently to save money. This, unfortunately, has the unintended effect of allowing marketing materials like signage or posters go stale as they stay up longer than they should. With an HP PageWide printer on site, businesses can frequently update marketing materials as-needed on a much more cost friendly basis.

For schools, HP PageWide printers allow students and staff to show off their creativity. Students can practice and fine tune their design skills with a wider range of printing available to them. School posters and event materials can be created quickly and efficiently. Teachers can take their classroom presentations to the next level with stunning poster boards or photos. Large format printing allows curious minds to unlock their creativity.

Print Promo Materials

There’s also an opportunity to create a wider range of promotional materials with wide-format printing. Users can even print designs onto balloons for special events instead of ordering custom balloons from a third party or choosing to use generic balloons with no branding. Businesses can create their own stickers, branded textiles, photos, and more. These versatile printers can handle countless jobs that would have otherwise needed to be contracted elsewhere.

With promotional materials available on-demand, businesses have the ability to quickly adjust designs based on their own unique needs while continuing to keep costs low. Previously, a business would have to order stickers from a printing company which typically has a minimum order volume and the price per unit becomes lower for larger orders. Businesses keeping to a budget would often opt for a larger amount of generic stickers to use over a longer period of time. Now, stickers can be printed as they’re needed and customized for specific sales, events, or trends.

With wide-format printing done in house, the promotional materials are just one part of the overall process. Now, without the constraints of third-party print costs and volumes, businesses can be more flexible with their promotional calendar and tap into their creativity. The large format printer is simply the tool that brings everything to life. 

Experience the Next Level of Printing

If printing costs, promotional expenses, waiting times, and a lack of available options are holding back your business or organization, an HP PageWide printer can help. With hundreds of possible types of media to print on, wide-format printing breaks down the previous walls and limitations when it comes to branding, creating, and sharing. Plus, these energy efficient printers are more affordable than you may expect.

To see the potential of these incredible, cutting-edge printers, contact the HP product experts at Doing Better Business today.

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