Contactless Temperature Monitoring Options for Retail

Posted by Doing Better Business on Mar 1, 2021 8:00:00 AM

With the COVID-19 pandemic, running a retail business has become more challenging than ever before. Business owners are now responsible for ensuring the safety of their staff and customers in addition to all of the other expectations that go along with operating a business. Of course, as the old saying goes, prevention is the best form of protection. Retail businesses that can monitor people who enter the store for signs of illness can provide the best protection to everyone on the premises.

This is where GoSafe comes into play to help retail businesses with contactless temperature monitoring. OneScreen GoSafe is an AI-based contactless temperature monitoring device that takes on the important task of protecting businesses and the people who visit.

Protect Employees and Other Customers

The most important reason to do contactless temperature monitoring is simply to protect the people that come and go through the front doors. This includes both employees and staff. A COVID-19 outbreak within a business can be a disaster. Obviously, the health risks to the people who fall ill is of the greatest concern. Discovering an employee or a customer that was in the business is struggling with serious complications is the kind of news no business owner wants to get.

Beyond the immediate health concerns, there are other challenges posed by an outbreak within a retail business. The business will likely need to close as staff who have fallen ill recover at home and those who worked alongside them quarantine or take time to get tested. Closed doors means lost revenue, lost hours for employees, and can pose an existential threat to a business already grappling with the economic impacts of the pandemic.

Finally, there is a reputational risk for retail businesses and the people they employ should a COVID-19 outbreak occur within the business. Word on social media can spread fast and harm businesses. Even with precautions put in place, COVID-19 can spread in any number of ways. Although most people are understanding of this risk, many people will be quick to blame business owners or employees. By doing temperature monitoring, businesses can show they are doing everything in their power to prevent an outbreak and help avoid any negative news or rumors.

Provide Customers with Peace of Mind

People have varying levels of concern about COVID-19. From a retail business standpoint, it’s important to provide as much peace of mind to shoppers in order to attract the largest base of customers who feel comfortable shopping in the store. With GoSafe, customers can clearly see that contactless temperature monitoring is being done. Knowing this, they will feel confident everyone in the store they are about to enter has been screened for a fever.

Compare that scenario with a store that is doing no temperature monitoring at all. While some customers may not notice, there are others who will be hesitant to shop at a business that they don’t feel is taking all the right precautions. These customers, quite simply, won’t enter the store and spend any money. They will go elsewhere or perhaps even just choose to shop online from a major national retailer rather than spending their money locally.

The best part of contactless temperature monitoring with GoSafe is that it isn’t intrusive or invasive. The scanner needs less than 1 second to take a customer’s temperature as they enter and there is no need for another person to interact with the customer or break physical distancing protocols. It’s the best of both worlds for customers; they get to feel secure when entering and they don’t need to be inconvenienced to do so.

Decrease the Need for In-Person Monitoring

Temperature monitoring can seem like an easy task but it’s actually not as simple as it would appear on the surface.

How does a retail business go about doing temperature checks? One option would be to have an employee stationed near the entrance doing temperature monitoring on everyone who comes through the door. However, this poses its own logistical challenges. Pulling an employee away from other duties for this task may cause staffing issues at the business. Hiring a new employee just to do this job may be unrealistic with budgets already tight due to COVID-19.

GoSafe doesn’t require employee monitoring or interaction to do its job. The AI-based platform automatically scans the subject entering the premises and takes their temperature rapidly. This allows staff in the store to focus on their tasks which could include enhanced cleaning measures, customer service, sales, stocking, or any number of other tasks.

Help Customers Shop with Confidence

OneScreen GoSafe is the contactless solution to a complex issue. Businesses can show they are going the extra mile for their customers without having to compromise on staffing levels or customer service.

To learn more about GoSafe for retail businesses, contact the business experts at Doing Better Business today.

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